elamusmuuseum studio

THANK YOU for joining us during our two seasons! Since autumn 2012 you are warly welcome to join ETA Dance School!

Studio is taking place in Museum Miia - Milla - Manda.

Registration: ph. 6017 057 or mmmm @ linnamuuseum.ee

Due to the unique shape and size of the museum, you will not find large dance floors with
lots of moving space common to traditional dance studios. Instead children are introduced
to countless ways and possibilities how to move and position oneself in different spaces and
discover various ways to connect and relate to one another, to museum pieces, etc. During
classes children will learn the basic dance and theatre techniques, but the main emphasis will
be on discovering and mastering different postures and techniques of physical theatre and
enhancing children’s physical creativity. Studio will sum up its progress and effort in December
and May with a production performed by children. Children are not required to have any
previous experience in dance. Hopefully children attending classes in the studio, as well as
their parents and friends, will be inspired to get more involved with contemporary dance by
dancing themselves, enjoying the diverse dance performances or simply by keeping up with it’s

More information: www.linnamuuseum.ee/miiamillamanda