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Dance Theatre Zick started out in 2001 as a dance studio. After four years of work it evolved into a dance theatre according to the will of the makers. Today we are concentrating in our creative work on children, youth and families.

As a project-based theater we don’t have a permanent cast. Dance Theatre Zick is just as the artists that co-work in it at any given time. For every performance a new team is assembled. Everything starts over.

We are best characterised through audience friendly performances and warm humor. We often perform outside the traditional dance stage to find and share new experiences and to reach to every spectator.

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Dance Theatre Zick is the founding member of STÜ

Raido Bergstein

Liis Ilula

Stella Suitso

Kaja Lindal

Ina Stockem

Tiina Mölder

Helen Reitsnik

Simo Kruusement

Liis Plato

Jaanus Vaiksoo

Tanel Veeremaa