Zick Studio in E.T.A. Dance School (Hobujaama 12):

Mon 20:00 - 21:30
Wed 20:00 - 21:30

Teachers are Doris Feldmann, Arolin Raudva and Liis Ilula-Niinemets

Studio is open without trials for people from age 15, who are energetic, open-minded and
interested in dance and movement. Dance lessons entail elements from jazz, contemporary
dance tehniques and impovisation classes. The greatest value of Zick Studio lies in educating
and raising a dance audience from people open to the art of dance and movement in general.
Studio brings together people from different walks of life that sometimes wend their ways very
far from the world of dance. Students can be characterized through their desire to learn from
each other, to improve through motion and to just feel themselves as active and energetic
young people.

Performances by Zick Studio:
„Laiendatud akordid“ (2010, with ETA Tantsukool, Raido Bergstein)
“Nagu asendit unes me otsime õnne” (2008, Stella Suitso)
“After Work” (2007, Raido Bergstein)
„Kollane üksinduses“ (2005, Stella Suitso)
“Officium” (2005, Raido Bergstein)
“Loomade farm” (2004, by George Orwell, Raido Bergstein – Piia Bergstein)
“Piiratud ruum” (2003, Anu Ruusmaa)
“Squirrel” (2003, Raido Bergstein – Piia Bergstein)
“Kas te seda lugu teate?” (2002, Raido Bergstein – Piia Bergstein)
“...We Will All Sleep Alone” (2001, Raido Bergstein)

House rules:
Tuition fee is 25 EUR per month and it must be transferred to the bank account of Tantsuteater
Zick MTÜ (You’ll find it under ‘contact”) no later than on the 10th day of the current month.
Fee for one class is 6 EUR
For the transfer explanation write: NAME / TUITION FEE / MONTH / YEAR
In case You are in need of a grace period or wish to postpone Your payment date, keep in mind
to turn to the teacher in these matters before the due date of the payment!

Liis Ilula
+372 58 141 227