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Music for you and me

This is our last rehearsal before Coordt the composer comes back and we can work with him in life again. Until now, since he is a famous musician and touring a lot, I skyped with him and we sended videos back and fourth so that he can develop music for you and me.

I like it!

A day free after the work – in - progress and a lot of excitement, we are on two national tv- channels and I am looking at us with some distance and hear what Tanel, Triinu and Raido from outside have to say about you and me. I like it!

It is museums day

It is museums day in that part of town and the place where we are supposed to perform, is overcrowded. People pass by and leave and come, hard to concentrate. But Jaan and Kaja do a great job and make an even better one hour that the day before! Also Galina and Maarja from the Museum stay very quite, calm and friendly and guide the kids through a colourful hour.

Work- in- progress

This is our first day of work- in- progress! We decorate the space and space the dance what means we walk it though and see how we can adapt and mengle the pedagogical proramm of the museum with the choraography or at least the parts which fit in that special new place.

Today we rehearsed

Today we rehearsed the first 15 minutes of the piece and I asked Jaan and Kaja to write it down that they remember the choreography. We discussed what we will do in thework- in- progress showing tomorrow. That is quite exciting, because we are not ready with the making of the performance and we feel a bit naked. Also cause we dont have the right costumes yet ;-).

I think of a dance

I think of a dance in order to find friends and I want to call it the art of making freinds. What do you imagine we do? It is a simple dance what makes you happy. Coordt the composer makes a lot of music, he adds sounds and sundscapes and underlines the atmosphere of the piece.

From today on

From today on, we are home in MMMM! We feel very comfortable here and a lots of sweets help a lot. We talk about what means interactive theatre? Yes what does it mean actually?
Is there a way NOT to be interactive with children? We wondered about who is everyknow we know- and how can we get friends with them???

A list of the emotions

We make a list of the emotions we think you need in order to make friends and a friendship possible. What can you think about? We found for example: tenderness, friendliness, joy, laughter, help each other. Listening and honesty, tell and share secrets, dance together, hugging and holding each other.
Than we made a dance out of the, how? I ask the dancers to move tender, to caress each other, to lift, to manipulate, to carry and to find sleeping positions in each other.

And how can you keep a friend once you find him? Thats a very good question and we try to put in in a theatrical picture: the two performers exchange secrets and little gifts what they give as presents to each other.

Now the costumes

Now the costumes- what a challenge with little time, a too big phantasy of the choreographer, a lot of true concerns of the performers (such as: we need to be able to move in them, they can break and do I look pretty enough?) and a tiny budget. I am sitting in a nice Cafe with a relaxed producer Raido and an open costume maker Liisi and they calmy listen to my weirdest ideas and dreams- the bridge builder is Tanel, the museums director who adds some pedagogical aspects we have to consider, too- Happy with the result? And you are curious? Than come and watchhhhhhh!

Today we rehearse

Today we rehearse how to say your name with out speaking but with your body. Cause when you meet somebody, you introduce yourself, right? I ask the dancers to find their signature in their own body. They can use mime, gesture and emotions to express their identity. Even their voice is a tool to express identity. I later ask them to find a common identity, a we, by combining the two phrases in order to have one in common.