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We expected white Christmas, got white Easter..

For a week we haven’t met in our rehearsals for the summer performance and for almost a week it has been snowing outside. Yesterday when I was walking home from Kanuti Gildi SAAL where I enjoyed performances by ZUGA and Karl Saks, I thought to myself “horay! spring finally beat winter!”, but now the trees are again covered with snow. While I kept myself busy by cursing the weather instead of dancing, Tiina and Helen kept themselves occupied by carrying out a workshop with their ZUGA - for four days in a row! I watched them yesterday and was jealous - in a good sense, because it was so great to observe a moving body and a happy spirit.

In one of the last week’s rehearsals we discussed about fairy tales and childishness. Raido was in some important place (he did tell where, but I can’t remember..) and we discovered that we wanted to add something mystic and fairytale’ish to the performance, something that would make children exited and light up their eyes. Thus was born the funny Milk Soup Ghost, who’s going to eat one of us, but not in an evil way. A Ghost, that is not intimidated neither by soap bubbles nor magic words. Raido simply has no other option than to nod and agree with all this tomorrow.

From the window of the rehearsal room we can see the bus station, the tops of the green buses and bus drivers taking their breaks. When during the weekdays, the station is full of rusty buses, then during weekends it’s rather quiet. So quiet even, that one of the bus drivers, who’s name I don’t know, decided last Saturday to use his free time and room for dancing – on his head! Maybe this snow will melt by tomorrow, so that the unknown bus driver could dance with us again- we on one side of the window, he on the other.

How we met with Tiina, Helen, Simo and Raido one morning in the beginning of March in one dance hall…

This summer things are about to happen in Kadriorg! The building of the Museum Miia - Milla - Manda in the heart of Kadrioru park may seem tiny from the outside, but its colorful walls entail a vast history. From the history of this building begins also our story, that leads to somewhere by June. It still remains a mystery to all of us, where this story actually leads and that is truly exiting.

When on the morning of 1st of March I hurried to the first rehearsal of the performance, I did feel a tiny bit intimidated. For the first time after graduating I was facing a process of creating a performance that is based on teamwork. And when considering the fact that I barely knew Helen and Simo, my cold feet may be considered understandable. From what to begin? Can I make it? What do others think? Tiina had the answer to the first question figured out. She had with her jumping ropes, from which we got a lot of activities. By now, when almost three weeks have passed from the first rehearsal, the rehearsal room is occupied also by watering cans and pillows.

It’s really fascinating, how a bunch of people with different ideas and unique rituals begin to think the same thoughts in one room. Without agreements every one chooses a group leader for him / herself, who at the first glance seems to walk the same path. Thus the dancer deducts teamwork to dialogs that in turn create communication, harmony and discord in the group. This all takes place in secret, inside everyone’s head. This is how the story of the five of us was born, that by now has many funny chapters.

Today we went to Museum Miia - Milla - Manda to make some photos. Our photographer Liis charged the battery of the camera and we changed into our bright T - shirts. At first we were engaged with everything else, but photographing. Childishness that we search for in some rehearsals came oh so naturally in there. I got even reprimanded by a museum employee at some point and was ashamed for a while. While fooling around we found some cool old photos from the olden days when our performance takes place. From the days when the building of Museum Miia -Milla - Manda was used as a children’s camp and in front of the building there was a swimming pool instead of a playground.

And the photo, that we went to shoot into the museum, came out really awesome!